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All genders welcome (who we are & what we think)

At Kardia, we want that everyone regardless of their gender identity feels welcome and comfortable.

Martial arts are still a very male dominated area. Women and people who don't (or don't want to) follow the strict idea of masculinity, have a more difficult access to Martial arts. In mixed gender classes/ gyms, they are often seen as less valuable training partners, students or even as less valuable trainers by not being taken seriously. Instead they experience being starred at, not being adressed to or being singled out at partner exercises.

At Kardia we would like to change that. Though, we don't want to make wrong promises since there is always a discrepancy between theory and practice. But: We all are willing to learn and share the same idea of creating a space where we can train in a respectul manner and where discriminatory or harassing behaviour is not tolerated.

We want to create an awareness of this topic and – together with you – develop another culture in martial arts. This text is a part of it.