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All genders welcome (who we are & what we think)

At Kardia, we want that everyone regardless of their gender identity feels welcome and comfortable.

Martial arts are still a very male dominated area. Women and people who don't (or don't want to) follow the strict idea of masculinity, have a more difficult access to Martial arts. In mixed gender classes/ gyms, they are often seen as less valuable training partners, students or even as less valuable trainers by not being taken seriously. Instead they experience being starred at, not being adressed to or being singled out at partner exercises.

At Kardia we would like to change that. Though, we don't want to make wrong promises since there is always a discrepancy between theory and practice. But: We all are willing to learn and share the same idea of creating a space where we can train in a respectul manner and where discriminatory or harassing behaviour is not tolerated.

We want to create an awareness of this topic and – together with you – develop another culture in martial arts. This text is a part of it.




Muay Thai - or Thai boxing - is a traditional full-contact competitive martial art from Thailand. In layman's terms, Muay Thai is Thai-style kickboxing. It incorporates punches combined with kicks. In contrast to traditional kickboxing, knee and elbow strikes, throws, and clinching are allowed as well. Now instead of further boring you with long-winded "copy and paste" explanations, we will refer you to the Wikipedia Entry for additional information.


It's a fact that Thai Boxing is a tough sport. Fights often end in a KO.

But at Kardia, we never train with full power or full contact. We value health, well-being, and the communal development of our fighters. Hard training should mean reaching your limit, not bashing each other's skulls in.

Muay Thai is a martial art and not a self-defense system. It's not a matter of life and death, but a fair one-on-one with sportsmanship and rules. To practice a martial art will eventually lead to the realization, that fights happen on multiple levels. To test prove yourself thaiboxing inside the ring, is just one of them. Practicing a martial art means to leave your comfort-zone and to face new challenges. We encourage every member of Kardia to fight their battles.

Strength & Conditioning

In this circle-training, all aspects of strength, endurance, mobility and agility are trained to improve your athletic performance.

The time intervals (working phase and resting phase) vary. A circle may contain any of the following exercises: Burpees, Plank, TRX Rowing, Kettlebell Swings, Russian Twists, Sprints, and many more. Furthermore, we work on improving your reaction speed, coordination and mobility while emphasizing proper technique.

The training is suited for all fitness levels and our coaches will adjust the intensity individually for each participant. A trial practice is possible in any unit.

Strength & Mobility

In this training, we focus on strengthening the core as well as improving balance and mobility by challenging your deep muscle tissue as well as your movement patterns.

We combine elements of Yoga with coordinatively-challenging movements as well as conventional strengthening-methods to reach a higher level of fitness.

This training will grant you a higher understanding of balance and specific muscle control. It is the perfect supplementation to martial arts and regular fitness training. It is suited for everybody and a trial practice is possible in every unit.